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Spring Replacement

Some concerns about the garage door springs

Garage doors are no doubt the biggest doors regardless they are installed in the domestic garage or a commercial garage. However, the size of these doors varies greatly when we move from domestic garage doors to commercial garage doors. Though the domestic garage doors are not big enough but still they are much bigger than the other doors in your homes. All it depends on the size and purpose of the garage that with what type of door it should be equipped.

Whatever may be the type of garage door, springs are the main components that play a great role in their processing. Whether you are opening or closing the door, the springs will make the process easy by handling the door weight. Springs are mainly of two types from which you can choose the one for your garage door. Although it depends on the size and type of the garage door that which springs will serve the purpose better, there is also the concern about money. Torsion springs are expensive than the extension springs which is the reason that why people prefer to install the latter ones.

Moreover, torsion springs are located above the door and slide into the channel with which the cables are attached.  If your garage has double door then you are strongly recommended to install the torsion springs. Extension springs are mainly installed above the horizontal tracks and they always come in pair. These springs are best to use with the single door systems. What’s more, it is always recommended to install the safety cables in the systems equipped with the extension springs. It is because the cables will provide safety in the case of spring break.

No matter what is the type of springs, they will break once their life span is completed. The torsion springs, no doubt, are expensive than the extension springs but their life span is also more than that of extension springs. The expected life span of the torsion springs is 12 years if you are operating it two times a day and that of extension springs is 6-7 years. Once the springs reach their life span, they can break anytime. And the only solution for that is the spring replacement.

Moreover, if one spring from the pair breaks, it is recommended to replace the both. It is because there are the chances that the new spring will have little dissimilarities as compared to the old one. And these little differences can lead to big problems. So, no matter that whether one or both the springs are broken, you should always replace the both.

However, the main concern about the spring replacement is that it is not recommended to replace them on your own. There are many risks involved with the process and the main risk is of handling the door weight and tension while unbinding the broken springs. You should not try to replace the springs if you have not done it before, it would be a better idea to hire a professional company for the spring replacement as the experienced garage door repair technicians will not only ensure the proper replacement but will also ensure your safety.